DeVonté Giovanni Rhea

 Artist: DeVonté Giovanni Rhea  Instagram:  @vondon_art

Artist: DeVonté Giovanni Rhea

Instagram: @vondon_art

"The process of creating and inspiring people is what I love most." -
DeVonté Giovanni Rhea

In order to seperate your work from the work of others you have to step out of your comfort zone, DéVonté Giovanni Rhea has done that. I've been keeping up with the New Orleans artist on social media for a while now because I think his work is fire. Let's take a look.

Growing as an artist...

"I think over time I've learned to pay attention to minor details. It's crazy how minor details will enhance your work. I think just that helped me grow." - DeVonté Giovanni Rhea

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You never want to be stagnant at what you do, you should always be looking to improve in some way no matter what....

"It's really dope to be able to create something and actually feel it at the same time. I feel like it makes my work so much better. So I just love the process of being able to create stuff and express myself through my work. Especially since my work is different from anybody elses, I feel like it's a representation of me. And you definitely have to have passion. In order to improve you definitely have to have passion. If I didn't have the passion to do this, my work would not have improved and it wouldn't come out the way that I want it to."  - DeVonté Giovanni Rhea

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What I like about DéVonté is that you'll know a piece by him when you see it. You just just know, that's how destinct his work is. I think that's the difference between someone that is trying to leave a mark and someone that just rides the wave. You'll eventually be forgotten if you choose to ride the wave everytime, but being a little innovative and doing your own thing will always make you stand out. When I see that multi color drippy paint style on my instagram feed, I know that's DéVonté.

I'm De La True,


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