Shout Out Toronto

Toronto's creative culture is thriving. There are so many dope artists based in Toronto and I keep up with them on social media. I had conversations with four of some of my favorites out there, all have a great amount passion for what they do. What I really like is that they all have their own unique styles which goes to show how art really is about expression and perception. Take a look below and you'll see the work of these artists, their thoughts on the Toronto art scene, and the creative process that many can relate to.

Kofi Frempong is the founder of freedom Fridayz. What I really like about Kofi is that he is all about community. He's also a mentor to many young artists in Toronto.

"I started "Freedom Fridayz" about 6 years ago and the vision around that was to create a platform for local artists to showcase their talent. We went from performing arts to visual arts, we gave a platform for photographers, and we pretty much opened it up for artists that wanted to be featured."  - Kofi Frempong

Instagram: @kofis_art

My favorite piece of Nachauntae's is the one that she included some of our favorite black cartoon characters. It's things like that that make you nostalgic.

"I like being in my zone, being able to create, and be in complete control of what the outcome is going to be. I like being able to take my ideas and make them into something relatable and something that just looks good and that people are drawn to and make them happy."  - Nachauntae Fearon

Instagram: @artxnachauntae


Orangeinal's passion for anime and video games is definitely shown through her work. She also tries to put a message in the pieces that she creates.

"I'm more inclined to know what the viewer thinks and how they interpreted it than me telling them. I always try to make it a point to ask people what do you think about this piece, what are your feelings and thoughts when you look at it. Then when they answer I tell them where I was coming from."  - Orangeinal

Instagram: @orangeinal


Generous Art has that "trippy art" style that just grabed my attention.

"The artists from Toronto are really talented. They have ideas and are actually putting messages in their art. Toronto's art scene is growing, its really growing. The thing I love the most is when people explain what they see in my art. That's the best feeling ever, even when it's my friends. The fact that I'm making their minds move a little bit and think about stuff, that's my favorite part."  - Generous Art

Instagram: @Generousart

I really enjoyed speaking to each one of these artists. The passion they all have is trully inspiring and I was very appreciative that they were willing to share their thoughts with me. I believe that art is very important and I'm glad that I can shine some light on the talent coming out of the city of Toronto.

De La True

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