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I absolutely love the creative energy in Baltimore. Baltimore has one of those creative scenes that I honestly feel is in good hands, artists arn't just creating they are also finding ways to come together and celebrate each other. Throughout the years several different platforms have been started in the DMV and Baltimore area so that artists and creatives alike gain opportunities to showcase their talents.

Please check out the work and words of these four dope Baltimore based visual artists...

"A visual representation of my internal freedom." - Seshat's Brush

"They can have us in 9 - 5 jobs and we can be in debt, slavery, student loans, or whatever they say we owe them but in the end, if you're an artist, they can try to chain your body up, but they'll never take your mind. Your mind is free." - Seshat's Brush

Instagram: @seshatsbrush

"The fact that you can take something that literally does not exist and make it exist because you said so, I just think that's so cool. To actualy create something that was not here before you thought about it, before you planned it, and then took your time with it, I just think that's probably one of the best parts about being an artist. It's really meditative." - Nikki Moon

Instagram: @heyshedraws

"For me it’s more so than about creating whatever it is that I create. It’s about the creative process. I paint because I need to, I need to express something within myself. I love to be in the moment and locked in a painting and just forgetting where I am." - Briana Lenez

Instagram: @brianalenez


"I love that I can express myself and that other people love how I express myself. That’s my favorite part about being an artist, seeing how people react to my work. Art allows you to be who you are." - Nai Turner

Instagram: @sidelineimages

What I admire most about Baltimore artists is the amount of passion they have. The art scene continues to grow because artists are constantly working to sharpen their skills and support one another. I love the diverse creativity and I'm looking forward to seeing more of what Baltimore has to offer. 

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