R&B Singer and Songwriter, Sammie

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This week, I got to meet R&B singer and songwriter, Sammie. The man who created the mixtape “Insomnia” in 2012, which I believe is one of the most underrated R&B projects. Sammie has also recently released his album, “Indigo”, earlier this year, which I also think R&B fans will love and need to go check out after reading this.

I really like “Insomnia” because of its honesty. Throughout the whole mixtape Sammie is telling stories from personal experiences that he had actually dealt with at the time. He was in fact suffering from Insomnia which was coming from the stresses of being young in the music industry, his relationship at the time, and where he was at in his career. Working on this mixtape, was a form of therapy that Sammie was very much in need of. It allowed him to express himself in ways that he had never done before, causing him to create some amazing tracks. Insomnia was the mixtape that really introduced everyone to a new Sammie, an artist that has no fear in bringing listeners in and getting a deeper look and understanding of his life.

Sammie sang his ass off on that Insomnia mixtape, and it really is a great body of work. He was actually advised to not release it due to how personal his lyrics were. Obviously he chose to put it out anyway, he felt that that was the kind of music that needed to be released to the masses. With songs such as “Heart Killer”, “Ambien Nights”, and “Quarter Century”, you could tell Sammie is trying to keep authentic R&B alive. Each track is very detailed. I really appreciated that, and finding out that Sammie wrote every single line made me like this mixtape even more.

The album “Indigo”, I enjoyed that too. The title “Indigo” is quite an interesting name for an album. “Indigo” is a nickname for an ex-girlfriend of Sammie's. Her favorite flower is the blue orchid and the whole “Indigo” album is actually based around her. With this album sammie continues to tell stories. He's also not scared to experiment with beats, one song for example would be “Exes”. I thought that was a nice track. I’d have to say that my favorite tracks are “Used To”, “Love Don’t Play Fair”, “Better Off” and “Time”. All of these really stood out to me and they showed me how talented Sammie truly is as an artists.

Sammie is an artist that is down to Earth and I had a great conversation with him.


Photo by @riousshotme


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