“I can’t fathom the words to describe some of the things that I think but I can definitely paint." Justin Reed

“I can’t fathom the words to describe some of the things that I think but I can definitely paint. It makes me feel like I’m not crazy for having these thoughts. I might want to draw a mutant alien taking over some foreign planet, that just might be something that goes through my mind creatively. Being able to get that onto paper is dope to me.” - Justin Reed

Justin Reed is on his grind. An artist and the curator of Artpocalypse, I've been following him for a while now and I've seen how much work he puts in. He's currently trying to expand "Artpocalypse" and I had to know what inspired this movement.

“Last year when I was traveling and going to different shows I felt like there was a lot of dope artists in Atlanta that weren’t getting the opportunities that they needed. I felt like not only did they need a platform but they needed a consistent platform. That inspired me to make Artpocalypse." - Justin Reed

With guys like DJ Waters and Malcolm Bassett on his team helping him, visual artists from all over the country began hearing about Artpocalypse. They wanted in. 

"As it grew I saw artists travel from other parts of the U.S to come down to Atlanta for Artpocalypse so it made me realize that its not just the Atlanta artists that need this type of exposure, the dream grew a little bit." - Justin Reed

Going into 2018, Reed and his team have some big plans for Artpocalypse and I'm looking forward to watching the growth. I believe artists need opportunities like this so I'm rooting for Artpocalypes to be successful. Artpocalypes is ALWAYS accepting emails from interested artists so if you are in the Atlanta, Georgia area then you should definitely send an email to artpocalypseatlanta@gmail.com. In 2018 Artpocalypse will begin touring in different cities. Follow them on instagram, (@artpocalypseatlanta), who knows they might be in yours.