Monel the Artist

Last Thursday I was at the Relations Of Creation (R.OC.) event in the Meatpacking District neighborhood of Manhattan. I loved it. I thought it was a great event and platform for artists in New York. I was rushing right out of work so it was a bit of a challenge to make it at a reasonable time, but it was all worth it. When I walked inside I noticed that there were so many different things going on so I think just about anyone would have enjoyed it. 

I really liked what I saw. There was live painting, clothing brands, drinks, and music so I had a great time. Everyone was just chilling and enjoying the atmosphere, nothing but good vibes. What made it all even better was that I was able to meet so many different artists. One that really stuck out to me was Brooklyn artist, Monel. Monel is definitely a dope artist that I will continue to follow and I think many of you will appreciate his work as well. 

Monel was one of the live painters, and I really had an interest for his work. When I left the event, I went through his instagram and saw that he posted the Iron Man painting in the photo above. I can't even lie, as soon at I saw it I had to have it. So I sent him a message, he told me the price, and the next day it was hanging on the walls in my house. He didn't have this painting on display at the event, but I am definitely happy that I found it, I love art and Marvel so it's the best of both worlds to me.

Monel was a cool guy and I enjoyed the conversations we had at R.O.C. I learned that he is very humble and works hard at his craft. At the event, while watching him paint, I really saw how much passion he puts into each piece. Seeing that passion made me want to know more of his work and I had to support him. I truly believe that we should support these amazing artists. I really appreciate Monel for this great piece of art. 

Thanks and good luck to you bro!

Follow Monel on Instagram, @Monelart


I'm De La True, Peace.