Artist to Entrepreneur | Melissa Falconer

 Instagram:  @melissafalconer

Instagram: @melissafalconer

"I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I hated working for other people. It had to be in the arts because that’s what I'm good at. It’s the freedom to move on my own path and do what I want to do with my skill set." - Melissa Falconer
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What I really like most about Melissa is that she remains humble and is always seeking information. She does research on new techniques to sharpen her skills which seperates her from other artists. One of the most recent techniques that she has been working on is color theory. 

"I want to diversify my artwork into more mediums instead of just acrylic on canvas and prints. I'm trying to work on doing apparel and other stuff. I want my art to be more than just on canvas, I want it to be more like a brand surrounding the artwork." - MelissaFalconer

I'm definitely rooting for Melissa's success. I like that she's aware that just having the skill is not enough, she knows that you also have to nurture and continuously learn. With that mentality I believe that she'll do very well for herself. She's already on the right track.

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