Maximum Security | Tselote Holley

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 This piece is called "Maximum Security".

This piece is called "Maximum Security".

"It's kind of incorporating the two sides of me as an artist and combining them together. So when it comes to the title Maximum Security I was most interested in figuring out these boxes that society puts you in, your family puts you in, and your friends put you in. That's how it all developed. So where I stand personally, I'm reaching outside of this box and I'm really breaking down those barriers and getting rid of those elements that just don't work for me anymore." - Tselote Holley

On the left there are purple boxes with abstract figures in them, on the right you see a woman with her hands on her kneck. This was all done to express the different sides of Tselote.

White Hands...

"I didn't plan on keeping them white, compositionally it really worked for me. It really intrigued me. I feel like it definitely ties in the negative spaces at the top. The relationship between the hands and these boxes. That's the way I was looking at it"

Maximum Security...

"Maximum Security is reflecting me and any other person that can relate to it. Them being so secure with themselves, their passion, their drive, whatever that they believe in. Just being completley in love with yourself, owning it, and raining down on every parade that tries to hold you back." - Tselote Holley

The Passion....

"I love the feeling of freedom. I love being in my zone, that's where I feel the most free because I'm in an element that is untouchable." - Tselote Holley


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