Kill the Culture

"What ever you think a rape victim looks like or what ever you believe the stereotypes are, I'm here to tell you no, every stereotype you know isn't true. There are women who are successful, smart, and brave who have been sexually assaulted, and it's not their fault." - Los Angeles Wardrobe Stylist and Rape Activist, Victoria Sanders. (Instagram: @thevicstyles)

Rape culture is a subject that I believe we all really need to discuss. Before I give my two cents, for those that are not familiar with "Rape Culture", try to imagine your daughter explaining how she was just raped and the first responses that she received were "What were you wearing?" or "How much did you have to drink?" etc., get what I'm saying? The term "Rape Culture" is used to describe society often normalizing how men sexually objectify women.

My only question for our society is, at what point will we stop blaming the victim? We need to understand that no woman ever asked to be raped or sexually herassed, she didn't "ask for it"...That's victim blaming which is horrible to do to anybody. I've met women who have been raped, and while they were telling me about their experiences all I could think was, this is someones daughter, sister, girlfriend, mom, or wife. I have two sisters, 23 and 18, and it bothers me that they have to walk around with the fear of knowing that because of what they are wearing, society can judge and use their outfit as a way to justify why a man can violate their rights.

"People blamed me for what happened to me. I thought it was my fault for a very long time." - Blogger, Deanne Cunningham (Instagram: @deez_knapz)

Deanne Cunningham is a rape survivor. I appreciate it so much that she was willing to speak to me about her traumatic experiences, she truly is a strong woman. Right now Deanne is actually working to help others who were also victims of rape. She explained to me how she had no one to talk to after being raped twice. She felt completely alone and told me that there are many women who are going through the same thing. With the sadness and depression that she was feeling, she found it in her to go out and to be that person that other's with similar experiences can speak to when in need of comfort. 

Women need to be treated fairly. We cannot continue to allow others to make any woman feel less than a human being. Men need to learn that it is not okay to be disrespectful just because of what a women chooses to wear. Rape culture is real, we need to stop it.

"I was suicidal." - Deanne Cunningham

Many don't realize how much a person really goes through after being raped or sexually herassed.

The rapist and the person that is sexually harrassing the woman is the problem, not the woman. In order to kill rape culture there will need to be a collective effort. First, it needs to be taught at an early age that it's not okay for a man to sexually objectify a woman, young boys need to know that a woman is a person. Second, victim blaming needs to stop. Third, for the individuals that are sexually harassing women, we need to hold them accountable for their actions, no matter who they are or the amount of money that they have. That will kill rape culture.

Kill the Culture.

I'm De La True, Peace.