Devin Lake

Had the chance to sit down with Long Island rapper, Devin Lake. I really enjoyed hearing about his journey and daily grind.

In an industry where the artist is constantly tempted to do things that are out of character and sometimes pressured to compromise his or her beliefs, how do you stay grounded and true to yourself?

- I keep a small circle. I keep a very very small circle and with that I can’t really get lost. I remember that I was once told by a producer that nobody wants to hear that lyrical shit. You gotta slow it down. I thought, fuck maybe that’s true. It must be true because this guy is getting on the radio and getting features and shit like that. Then I realized that’s not me and I stopped fuckin with him.

Devin is never apprehensive to be himself. In his music you’ll get joy, pain, and story telling. Story telling is something that truly means a lot to Devin and it’s very evident in his debut album, “The Show”, which was released on March 13th, 2015. “The Show” was a body of work that Devin Lake had been working on for about 8 months.  He gained a lot of attention for the song “Seasons”.

He is an individual that studies the art of rap. Devin Lake tries to out do himself with every song that he writes. He tries to challenge himself because that is the only way that he will be the artist that he wants to be. We asked Devin what he wants people to take from his music. “This is art”, he said.

Devin has been putting in the work for many years. With the early mornings, late night studio sessions, and always being on the go, he knows that it is all worth it. At the end of the day he is doing what he always wanted to do and loves. Grind & Hustle are two words that really represent the lifestyle of rapper, Devin Lake.

“Alternative rap is not that alternative, people actually feel these things." - Devin Lake

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