"It’s my way of portraying magic." - Destiney Powell

 Artist: Destiney Powell  Instagram:  @poeticallyillustrated

Artist: Destiney Powell

Instagram: @poeticallyillustrated

Creativity starts somewhere. I always enjoy hearing about the early stages of an artist's journey, many times it'll give a better understanding for the common themes in the work. I had a chance to speak to Destiney Powell, mother, full-time artist, and entrepreneur. 

"My dad was an artist. When he was in college I was 2 years old and he had to keep a sketch book for his architecture class and I used to draw in it every second he left it there unattended. So he bought me one. I drew colorful bunnies, crowns, and he said I always drew black women. As I got older I stuck with the black woman theme, just images of black women that I didn’t get to see growing up that I would have liked to have seen". - Destiney Powell

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“I love being able to see my thoughts visually. You can think something and you can picture it in your mind but as an artist you can actually paint it, draw it, or in whatever art you do, you can create it and visually see it in front you. To me that’s a representation of how nothing is impossible. I like the creative process of being able to see my thoughts and dreams right in front of me." - Destiney Powell

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"When I first started pursuing art I was just trying to do it as an outlet. Just to release feelings, something that I’ve always done. I just needed to be creative." - Destiney Powell

At the end of the day it comes down to doing makes you feel at peace. Destiney, mother of three, is a hard working artist and businesswoman. She has to balance so much throughout her days, but it's all worth it because she gets to do what she loves. She's constantly working on her craft and I'm looking forward to watching her journey.

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Visit http://poeticallyillustrated.net to see more work by Destiney.