Making Them Laugh: Akaash Singh

 Photo by John Alynn. Instagram: @johnalynn

Photo by John Alynn. Instagram: @johnalynn

I've always wondered what it's like to be a stand up comedian. Seriously, imagine having to go up on a stage in front of an audience and your job is to make them laugh, I can only imagine the amount of pressure that that must be. At the same time imagine being on stage and the audience is fully engaged and laughing hysterically at your jokes. At that very moment you have the people listening to your every word and it's all eyes on you.

"They're laughing so hard that you can't say what you want to say and that's the dopest feeling I've ever had." - Akaash Singh

 Akaash and Nick Cannon on MTV's "Wild 'N Out".

Akaash and Nick Cannon on MTV's "Wild 'N Out".

Stand up comedian, Akaash Singh absolutely loves to make others laugh. Even at a very young age he was always the kid that was telling the jokes in school. The thing about Akaash is that he really does his best to speak the truth when on stage. I've been to two of his New York shows and believe me, he is never afraid to go all the way when it comes to certain subjects. He wants to make the audience think. Many times he really tries to make people look at themselves and laugh. Often he brings up race, sexism, everyday issues that go on in America, and he does not care whether you like it or not. He is never afraid to go there. 

"When I'm on stage, what ever the majority is in the room, I'm going to say the opposite to try to make you laugh." - Akaash Singh

To me, comedy is very important. Comedians like Akaash force us to take a really deep look at ourselves and the habits of the society that we live in making us all wonder why we are the way that we are. He says this stuff in a way in which you have no choice but to laugh. Of course racism and sexism are very serious topics many Americans are uncomfortable to touch base on and some also subconsciously would rather these subjects to not even be brought up at all. Not speaking about an issue NEVER solves anything. That has NEVER worked before and Akaash Singh knows that so without hesitation he speaks freely about these things. He speaks about his life as child of Indian immigrants in Texas, his years in college where all of his roommates were black and how they all went to a predominantly white school.

The mind of a comedian is amazing to me. I think of them as social critics constantly trying to test the minds of others. Akaash along with many other comedians try to see how far people are willing to think to really get an understanding of something. At every comedy show, there will always be someone that is offended by what the comic says, but comedians like Akaash try to make you ask yourself a few questions like, why are you offended? What is it about the joke that bothers you? Do you think that you're REALLY just upset that the comedian brought up an issue that you're uncomfortable hearing about? Rather than talking about certain things in our society, many Americans choose to just ignore them because the issues may either not directly effect them and it's easier to just not hear about them. Comedians make us laugh at ourselves, especially at the stupid shit that we do in society. After the laughs you are left with your thoughts on how we all conduct ourselves. Akaash Singh tries to say the things that you don't want to hear, while he is also trying to make you like him on stage, something that I found so fascinating.

"You come to a comedy show, we call these jokes and you take them seriously. Then you go home and listen to a rap cd, they say its all real and that's what you decide is entertainment. You won't take that seriously but you'll take this (Comedy) seriously." - Akaash Singh

I have a great amount of respect for the individuals who are able to master the art of comedy. Many don't realize how much time and preparation truly goes into it, especially if you want to be a comedian that speaks with purpose. For example, anyone can go on stage and act silly just to get a few laughs, but there are some comedians that have real goals with every joke that is told. Everything that he or she says is coming from a real place, and a lot of times it can be something that needs to be addressed for the greater good.

 Lunch with comedian, MTV2's "Guy Code", and "Wild N Out" cast member, Akaash Singh. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram  @akaashsingh .

Lunch with comedian, MTV2's "Guy Code", and "Wild N Out" cast member, Akaash Singh. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @akaashsingh.




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