High Off Markers: Tom Davii

Instagram: @tomdavii


“My high school art teacher, she gave me my first pack of markers. I was a junior. She saw that I was always playing with paint but she felt that I was too slow. I started using the markers and I just fell in love with it.” - Tom Davii


“Whenever I’m getting brain farts I always go back to what started the drawing. Back in the days I used to watch all the old school nickelodeon shows and music videos, and that stuff gives me the energy again to do new shit. The basics are where it starts from so I go back, way back from watching tv to playing Sonic on sega.” - Tom Davii

“I need to be around people. I don’t like to over concentrate on my pieces. In the studio that I’m at, I have people around me at all times. It keeps my mind going and I think that’s why my pieces are all over the place. It gives me time to look at different angles of art." - Tom Davii

“People get to see who I really am through my art and not so much through looking at me. Not a lot of jobs allow you to just be yourself and I think that’s my favorite thing about being an artist. I can never get enough of it.” - Tom Davii

I'm De La True, peace.