Tilly the Artist

Tilly the Artist

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“I have to have creative freedom. I hate drawing inside the lines. When somebody tries to limit me into a space, I freeze up sometimes. I have to have my creative freedom so that I can express myself.” - Tilly the Artist

“I want them all to be diverse in their own ways and to tell stories. The colors, the imagery that you’re seeing, the stars, and the galaxy. I want people to wonder what they are looking at.” - Tilly the Artist

"I listen to a lot of Trip-Hop. I tune in with the music and I just start creating. Also everytime I think I have a set piece of what I want to do, I change it up like ten times more before I finish.” - Tilly the Artist

“I started looking up the actual history of Afrofuturism. I thought it was amazing. I want to create my own world where black women and men do not face oppression and we are represented as the biggest thing in the world which is the galaxy, something that no man understands.” - Tilly the Artist


IG: @_tillytheartist