Artist, Natiq Jalil


“I wanted to be free in my work. I was constantly trying to fill up the entire canvas. That goes back to my parents always telling me that I was never going to finish anything. At one point I was told that I would never be successful as an artist because I never finished anything. It became anxiety for me, I would literally sit in front of a canvas and wonder if I should even start.” - Natiq Jalil

"I decided that in defiance of everything that I was told about me not finishing anything, I did a show where I intentionally didn’t give a shit while painting. That became my first show, and it was a success.” - Natiq Jalil

“I still have anxiety but now I’m able to paint it away, I go into the studio now. It wasn’t until after I developed my style that my art truly became a source of strength and therapy for me.” - Natiq Jalil

IG: @artofnatiq