The Overstanding Artist: Terrance Vann

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To overstand requires a lot of mental strength, discipline, and awareness. Terrance Vann uses this as a way to help himself grow as an artist.

“I’ve been researching the rastafarian culture a lot recently. I put it where his eyes are, to overstand something is to have vision to oversee past a lot of the illusion that’s out here. That’s what a lot of that is all about. I want people to be able to think critically when they look at my paintings, to some how learn something in some way.” - Terrance Vann

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Locked in....

“It’s like a trance like state. You’re thinking about how to communicate an idea that’s in your head, that doesn’t really exist. You have to create it, so you kind of have to be in a locked in state of mind. I just want to create stuff that reaches people so I try to think what will impact how people think.” - Terrance Vann

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“I really look to see what’s out there. I like to really paint a lot. I make sure I’m producing a lot. That keeps me inspired because I stay active, I think it’s important to stay active in your craft because that’s how you get new ideas. Accidents happen that turn into something that can be dope.” - Terrance Vann

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