“I have to credit it to my childhood art. That’s what really unlocked certain things, the originality, and creativity. It gave me that extra boost. ” - J. Cross 

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“I sacrifice a lot to build my skills and learn. I sacrifice my time with my family, friends, sacrificing my money to lock myself in a studio and just paint all day everyday nonstop.” - J. Cross

"I wasn’t really able to fully be me. As soon as I got back to painting that's when I was able to express myself in the best way.” - J. Cross

IG: @j.cross.art

Artist, Natalie Orr


“The world can be really ugly at times but everybody will always stop and appreciate a good sunset, flowers, or views of the ocean. I try to embody that in my work. I have a 9 to 5 job, which is ass, but on my way to work every single morning I pass this airport and there’s always a huge open sky and I get to catch the sun rise.” - Natalie Orr


“The eyes are the most important part of every single one of my paintings. I spend the most time on those trying to get every single freckle or vein in the irises." - Natalie Orr

“I’ve always struggled with low self-esteem, I used to see myself in each painting I made. Each painting I finished, made me feel more confident, I put my heart and soul into these pieces.” - Natalie Orr

IG: @natt_artt

I am what I am


I am what I am

I am what I am

"I am what I am is basically reaffirming to myself that this is what you are meant to do and this is what you feel like you are meant to do. That’s what I’m telling myself regardless of what I may think other people are thinking about, that doesn’t matter, that doesn’t deviate the plan at all." - Phoenix Art

“Nothing is exactly what it seems as far as what society is giving us.” - Phoenix Art

“It was was important for me with this mural to free myself from my mind and to do what I know I’m meant to do.” - Phoenix Art


“Palestine will live free”

Artist: A.K. | Instagram: @generousart

“Palestine will live free”

“Palestine will live free”

"I always wanted to dedicate a piece to Palestine regardless of who’s right or wrong in the situation. I understand how war goes, who ever wins gets the land, it’s still crazy what the people have to deal with. Eventually, I don’t know, maybe in 10 years you might not hear anyone even say they’re Palestinian. In the painting, this is someone that is carrying Palestine on his back." - A.K.

“Honestly, what I’ve been through helps me a lot. When I’m working on new art I’m always thinking about some of the things that have happened in the past.” - A.K.

Morgan Nicolette



“It’s very meditative. I sit down and if it takes me two weeks to do it then it takes me two weeks. The longer it takes the happier I am. Your outcome turns out great if you slow down and take your time. I feel like that’s a big part of the process, slowing down and actually enjoying the paint.” - Morgan Nicolette


"I’m in love with art but it’s not necessarily for the final product, it’s getting engrossed in the process like picking out the paint and planning it out. It feels really great to me to actually be able to do that." - Morgan Nicolette

IG: @momikoi


“If I don’t paint, I’m not myself.” - Ija Monet

Ija Monet

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“My dad just had a stroke so it’s hard not to be emotional but I always tell everyone that it can always be worse. I just want to make sure that he’s good and that I’m good. I always try to make sure that I can turn any negativity into something positive in any way that I can.” - Ija Monet


"In his head is a beautiful portrait but it may come out abstract on the outside. It still displays the same image. When I was painting the image in his head I kept the main colors that I was using to create the background.” - Ija Monet

“I started selling my artwork. That was my first dealing with color. My paintings have a lot of color because for a long time I wasn’t able to use color in my work because I didn’t have the money to. My dad was just telling me that I have to keep going. He’s been more of a mentor.” - Ija Monet

IG: @ija_monet

"At this stage in my life I've realized that it's meant to be." - Richard E.

Richy the Artist


“I found my purpose. A lot of times we find ourselves not knowing what to do. To be able to accomplish something gives me a very satisfying feeling, it keeps me coming back for more.” - Richard E.

"I look at the history of art and not necessarily to become a historian but I want to become well versed in where artists come from, move paintings, and visual arts. I want to see how I can take my art in the same direction, whether it’d be more narrative work or change in composition. I always try to see how I can make it a more interesting piece.” - Richard E.

IG: @richytheartist_