Artist, Syd

“It was actually created by accident. I wanted to do a painting showing all the different temperatures on the human body, that's what I was going for but it turned into something completely different. I’m not a super loud or colorful person myself, I kind of feel like this is my alter ego jumping out. It morphed into what it is.” - Syd


“I don’t want to say it’s difficult because there is nobody like me in this state, that’s how I feel and that’s what excites me. But because there is nobody like me in the state, a lot of people aren’t used to seeing what I paint. As a black artist its cool because I give them something completely different to look at.” - Syd

"I really built an appreciation for all types of human bodies. I wanted to take it and put my own spin on it. I always believed that women should be celebrated, especially black women.” - Syd

IG: @shapedbysyd