Shout Out Houston

The talent runs deep. Let’s take a look and focus on some of Houston’s very own.

“Storytelling to me is not just a singular point in time. I think that our stories are forever evolving.” - Dwight White

“For me the best way to learn is really paying attention to what’s going on around you. I’m continuing to learn everyday, what really pushes me is seeing what other artists are doing.” - Dwight White 

Instagram: @_dwightwhite

“You have to make sure you do things for yourself. I get into commission mode but sometimes I'll have to tap out and tell everybody that I have to do something for myself. If it’s always about money, it can make me too hypercritical. As artists we need to be able to have failures, we need to be able to have practice.” - Scott Tarbox

“I had no idea what I wanted to do as far as school, I could never make up my mind about a career choice. I tread water and worked a job that I hated and I think that led to depression which led to a time I used drugs. Art, I know it definitely had a huge impact, it started to change things about my life.” - Scott Tarbox

Instagram: @tarboxx2

“I just paint things that I like and things that I would want to see on my wall. I think people can kind of see my personality, what I like, and who I am through my art.” - Audrianna Woods 

"A lot of artists grow here. I’ve met the right people and they’ve just helped put me on the right path."  - Audrianna Woods

Instagram: @miss_audriii

“I find that what works for me is to pretty much do something else. If I can’t paint, I’ll try to teach myself something business wise. I’m always doing something, and always trying to grow as an artist and progress. If I can’t create in terms of painting and drawing then I’ll go over to the business side and create merchandise. Eventually something will super motivate me and i’ll get right back into creating again. - Dottie 

“Anything that I think is hard or difficult for me to do, or I feel like I can’t do, I'll attempt to do it.” - Dottie 

Instagram: @silhouettesnhd

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