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I think it's extremely dope to see the growth of Florida's art scene. For a while I've been paying attention to some of the emerging artists from the state and I really do love the differences in styles and techniques. I had the pleasure of speaking to a few of Florida's own....

"I like to study neurology, I like to study Shamanism, and stuff like that really influences the subject matter of my art. I feel like when you have knowledge in other areas it gives you more that you can paint and it widens your perspective on art." - phoenixaaart

"It's easier for me to express myself through art than it is through words." - phoenixaaart

Instagram: @phoenixaaart

"I've been drawing all my life. I started with anime like a lot of other people, but I wanted to move away from that style. In anime there weren't a lot of black characters and that always bothered me, even in american comics there weren't many. So I do it to the fullest. I've always been into my routes and history, black empowerment. I've always been someone who studies, so then I just said I'll illustrate me, my people." - Jamaul Johnson

"I like the state that I'm in while I'm doing work. The process to me is relaxing and meditative" - Jamaul Johnson

Instagram: @creative_is_an_understatement

"South Florida is a melting pot. You have a lot of people down here from the north, south, and a lot of immigrants come here from all different countries. It’s a beautiful thing because you go to one city or a block over and you'll see a particular style, then you go to another block and you'll see another style and it’s all embraced.” - JaFLEU The Artist

Instagram: @jafleu

"I love anatomy. I realized that I was drawing muscles and shadows first. I was a nerd when it came to anatomy. I don't go into detail with eyebrows, eyelashes, and pupils, I don't do all of that. The strokes are what forms my work." - Tracy Guiteau

"When words are not there, art is there for me and its always been there for me. Art was it, that was my outlet. When I didn't have anybody to speak to, I just felt like art was it. Art was God to me, that's how I got answers." - Tracy Guiteau

Instagram: @guiteauart

This is only the beginning. I believe that Florida will continue to be the home of many more talented artists in the future. I really appreciate these artists for giving me some insight and I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for them.

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