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Chicago is a city with artists that have undeniable talent. When it comes to creativity it always seems to me that every artist had his or her own style, which I think is dope. I was able to have conversations with some of the talent coming out of the city and one thing that I can honestly say about them is that they are all extremely ambitious and locked into their passion. 

"I was just thinking that there are a lot of portraits of Obama that are around, I was thinking what I could do to be different, and also highlight it’s importance. A black president, somebody that made history, somebody that has importance in our community just from setting the example. I’m a fan of marvel characters as well so I was just like, what is something that could display what would match his characteristics?" - Arrington

Instagram: @heir_porter

"Most of time I know what colors I'm going with because of the specific music artists. Anybody who knows old school Busta Rhymes knows that he was always super energetic, thats why I chose him. Then I used the red because red is a color that's kind of like fire, that's how I play off the colors." - Ieesha Naeema

"Most of the time I don't have control over a lot of things that go on in my life. I feel like art is the only thing that I can say is trully mine and I can do whatever I want with it."  - Ieesha Naeema


"If I'm thinking something, I can easily bring it into fruition. What ever I'm imagining for myself I can create it, I have the hands to create it, and I have the means to create it. So I think it's something that artists are tuned into, that you know that you can make something from nothing really. I like the idea of that." - Chidile

Instagram: @chidile



"Art allows me to express myself creatively. I have a lot of ideas that I would like to see come to life and a lot of concepts that I want to bring to life. Art is one string that has definitely allowed me to start doing that and learn how to do that more effectively." - Blake Pierré

Instagram: @justblake_

They allowed me to explore and understand the process of the work that they create. I was extremely excited to highlight these Chicago artists, I'm glad I can show you all.

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