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For a long time I've wanted to take a really good look at the Bay Area, the creative scene is extremely diverse and the artists out there are dope. I was able to get some insight on how it is out west. The Bay Area consists of many different cities, some you may have even heard of such as Oakland, San Fransico, Vallejo, Richmond, San Jose, Berkley, and more. 

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“A lot of people of color are put into a box, we either are a rapper or are in sports. There are so many paths that we can take and we definitely exist in the future and we exist more than just as entertainers.”- Hella Futures

“Oakland, its just a really interesting city. We’re in the process of being gentrified so you’ll see a lot more activist art, black art. We’re being essentially kicked out of the East Bay. Right now we’re basically saying that we’re here, you can’t ignore us, and the art represents that." - Hella Futures

Instagram: @hellafutures

"I came up with that face in 9th grade. It looks good on a woman and a man. Nobody questions it because no matter who you are, we all have that inner expression. It's an emotion that we all have somewhere. And the emotion, it's not one thing, its not happy, its not sad, its not bad, it's kind of like a combination of everything. It's like the alter ego that we all have." - Ques Williams

"I wake up, put on basketball shorts, and go paint. People want to pay me to see things that I paint in their house. I get a pure joy by the fact that people wake up and look at it. A painting is forever, you got to distroy it for it to be messed up." - Ques Williams

Instagram: @irkoriginals

“I love being able to make ideas tangible for others and myself. Taking it from the mind and and the spiritual realm and making it physical. It’s a gift, a blessing, and a responsibility and I don’t take it lightly." - Zoë Boston

"The Bay Area art scene is eclectic, diverse, vibrant, alive, original, it’s just a perfect place for an artist. In the bay we stick together, we realized there is strength in numbers.” - Zoë Boston

Instagram: @zoeadiahboston

"I've been drawing since I was in elementary school, painting has always been an interest but I started about 2 years ago. I like to study different techniques of paintings and I'd like to learn more to grow as an artist. I love having the ability to create anything that I want." - Brian Calara-Jones

"All the styles of painting are different and it's all love in The Bay." - Brian Calara-Jones

Instagram: @bcjxart


These artists have so much passion for what they do and I'm glad I got the chance to speak to them. I know the Bay Area will continue to make noise and grow creatively. 

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