Roderrick Davis

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Miami artist, Roderrick Davis, paints images that speak loud. I felt like I was seeing movie scenes when I looked at his work. He’s dope and I had to speak to him. 

“In America we have a lot of group mentalities. Everybody is thinking the same. It’s natural, nobody really wants to stand out and be the loner. Everybody wants to feel included but one of the prices you pay is giving up your individuality which is something that real art is born out of. Its born out of you giving your perspective and just being who you are. Around the age of 17, I said fuck all of this, I’m just going to do me. I’m going to put out a message that I want to see, I’m going to put out what touches my heart." - Roderrick Davis


“Thinking Out Loud”

“Thinking Out Loud”

Story telling....

"I’m a storyteller. I love to tell stories in my artwork. Reading and studying the greats is what keeps me going and at my edge. One thing about being an artist, you’re always trying to get to that next level. You’re always searching for that next piece to out do yourself. That’s what I’ve tried to do, it’s good to a point, sometimes you can get carried away when you just focus on the next piece because you forget to have fun and express yourself.” - Roderrick Davis

"When you and Destiny Meet”

"When you and Destiny Meet”

Loving the Art...

"It becomes a form of therapy when you’re going through so much in your life and you don’t really have that many outlets to go to. I don’t just enjoy telling my own story, I also enjoy telling the stories of other people and the things that they have been through." - Roderrick Davis

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