"I learn from people who are better than me. As an artist you have to constantly be in the state of learning. You have to accept and acknowledge people that are better than you in a field.” - Artist, Mnard

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“It’s a technique I learned from an old Haitian artist. These guys are masters at creating transparency. If you look at the old Haitian art you’ll notice that there's a lot of transparency involved. In many cases you can’t really find an image for each and every word that you speak. So a lot of times you have to be symbol literate to find different symbols that mean something and you bring them together for the concept expressing the idea that you have." - Mnard

“Maintaining momentum is a big responsibility for an artist. If he/she doesn’t then it’s a constant struggle trying to get back.” - Mnard

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“In all honesty these pieces are tiring and tedious but passion is the one thing that keeps me going despite those feelings. One of the roadblocks that I would have is not understanding the idea. I can have the idea but I don’t understand it." - Mnard

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