“If I don’t paint, I’m not myself.” - Ija Monet

Ija Monet

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“My dad just had a stroke so it’s hard not to be emotional but I always tell everyone that it can always be worse. I just want to make sure that he’s good and that I’m good. I always try to make sure that I can turn any negativity into something positive in any way that I can.” - Ija Monet


"In his head is a beautiful portrait but it may come out abstract on the outside. It still displays the same image. When I was painting the image in his head I kept the main colors that I was using to create the background.” - Ija Monet

“I started selling my artwork. That was my first dealing with color. My paintings have a lot of color because for a long time I wasn’t able to use color in my work because I didn’t have the money to. My dad was just telling me that I have to keep going. He’s been more of a mentor.” - Ija Monet

IG: @ija_monet