"My kids really inspire all of my paintings." - Floyd Strickland

“A Children of A Better God”

“A Children of A Better God”

“A Children of A Better God”, I think this painting is great. I really wanted the artist, Floyd Strickland, to break down the state of mind that he was in while creating this piece...

“That’s my son but in a lot of ways it represents me. A lot of the fears I had growing up, I grew up between Houston and L.A, the fears and anxiety I had growing up take place in my art and a lot of lessons that I learned from my parents take place in my art." - Floyd Strickland

“I wanted to show the innocence of children, particularly black children because a lot of times the media brutalizes them. I wanted to show them in a more innocent light. A lot of people miss the hanging KKK in the back, I tried to hide that in plain sight because that's the point. I tried to hide that in the sence of hiding the fears that kind of go along with being black in America, particularly as a little kid in certain areas. - Floyd Strickland


"It's a conversation a lot of parents have with their kids about interacting with the police or what happens when you get stopped. A lot of black boys have to have that conversation with their parents at some point." - Floyd Strickland

The Symbol....

"It's symbolism, the hanging KKK is trying to hide that violence of America, it's kind of hiden but in plain site. It's something that a lot of us don't necessarily talk about but that we know about. It's coded. I was thinking a lot with that piece. A lot of it, I was trying to kill the institutional structures that are set up to put black kids at a disadvantage and that's what the hanging KKK symbolizes." - Floyd Strickland

"King Rise"

"King Rise"

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