“VR is here and this is an introduction to it.” - Crome VR Founder, Crishon Jerome

Crishon Jerome , Founder of Crome VR

Crishon Jerome, Founder of Crome VR

“I see Virtual Reality (VR) everywhere. Psychologists are also using VR headsets and age enhancing technology to give individuals with depression, addictions, etc. a glimpse of what the future version of them looks like on the trajectory that they’re presently on as well as a version of what they could look like if they made subtle small changes just on a daily basis. Nothing major, just small changes to create some momentum, intention, and focus. It was found that after showing these indivuals these images they became way more concerned and way more particular about their current habits.” - Crishon Jerome



“It will be widespread in schools. Imagine you’re talking about history and the entire class puts on a headset and goes to Egypt and experiences this place. Virtual reality, it’s coming, it’s not even a question.” - Crishon Jerome


“I’ll be up front with you, one of our longterm goals for Crome is to create our own league. Our own international sports league where you are competing with individuals all over the world. Right now all the focus is on E-Sports. An E-Sports platform is something we want to build longterm, it’s going to pull people in the direction that normally would not be interested.” - Crishon Jerome

Industry Challenges…

“When I tell you I see it being everywhere that’s exactly what I mean. I can’t imagine a space where there won’t be some form of virtual application or augmented application. We’re seeing it in sports already, professional as well as collegiate. - Crishon Jerome

“At this point I think the momentum is set. I don’t know if it’s going to face many challenges other than just the amount of time it takes for content to be produced to appeal to the masses. Right now companies are clamoring in the direction of virtual reality (VR), it is a wild wild west for people that are listening and paying attention, especially for the big companies putting a lot of money behind it. They are going to see to it that they get a return on their investments. For the masses there are just going to have to be some very practical things that are introduced.” - Crishon Jerome

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