Lil Magic: Artist, Ciara Sanders

Artist, Ciara Sanders

“Lil Magic”

“Lil Magic”

“It brought me back to being in elementary school because I had a plaid dress just like that. I remember having to sit there and let my mom comb my hair.” - Ciara Sanders

“I try to utilize perception and depth in my work, I play around with lighting. Sometimes lighting can be very tricky, I’m always trying make it stand out with black skin. That’s something I try to step up when I paint.” - Ciara Sanders

"I have no restrictions. Even though Instagram tries to restrict some things but honestly I have no restrictions when I want to create. I always tell other artists, do what you want to do. If this is where you want to take your level of artistry then go ahead and do it. You are in control of what you paint, you are the person with the paint brush.” - Ciara Sanders

IG: @ciara_badumonae