"It’s bigger than me." - Chuck Styles

Artist: Chuck Styles   Instagram:  @chuckstyless

Artist: Chuck Styles

Instagram: @chuckstyless

Barber to Full-Time Artist…

“The transition was hard on me financially. In the barber industry I had close to 80 clients, a lot of cash everyday. It sustained my family's lifestyle but I knew in my heart that I didn’t want to retire as a barber. That was just not the end game for me so I just took a leap of faith. I told myself art was something that I always loved since a kid."  - Chuck Styles

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“After I stopped cutting hair, I didn’t know what my voice was as an artist. I was just painting cool shit. You get into this mode when you just paint cool shit and that’s not really a voice.” - Chuck Styles

“One thing that I can say helped with that transition was that I learned a lot of good business practices and a lot of self discipline practices while cutting hair that gave me the advantage in pursuing an art career."  - Chuck Styles

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“I was painting a lot of stuff that were appealing to a large audience but it really didn’t resonate with me, it really wasn’t who I was. I started doing Art Basel and I started feeding into the Art Basel buying crowd. When I’m dead, gone, and my kids and grandkids look at my artistry, what’s that going to look like? Are they going to be proud of the estate that they inherit. I really started thinking about that.” - Chuck Styles  

I'm De La True, Peace.

Visit www.artofchuckstyles.com to see more work by DeVonté.