“I’m Jamaican and Puerto Rican, I was raised in foster care by a wonderful black woman, and I was always inspired to replicate that beauty.” - JD Baez

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“I started with photography. What led me to art was that someone actually stole my camera.” - JD Baez



“There are a lot of paintings I can get done in 3 days. But the Queen painting, it took me months to work on because it was more so me trying to express a level of detail and structure.” - JD Baez

“I feel like people spend so much time looking at social media goddesses and the best social media artists. I know artists that are in galleries around the world with 3-400 followers.” - JD Baez

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“There are artists that create work for social media. That upsets me especially when another artist passes away. You’re creating these pieces just because that’s what's trending right now. I try to do everything in my power not to do that. I can appreciate the artist just like you, but I will not do it to ride a wave." - JD Baez

“A lot of my original paintings were strong women that I found beautiful. That’s what initiated the art." - JD Baez

...I'm De La True,


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