"Color is my Language" - Aramis O. Hamer

Website:  www.aohamer.com  | Instagram:  mis_liberation    | Facebook:  @MISaohamer

Website: www.aohamer.com | Instagram: mis_liberation | Facebook: @MISaohamer

Artistry is a beautiful journey and that was explained so well by Chicago artist, Aramis O. Hamer.

“It truly makes me feel omnipotent. I feel closest to a god-like entity when I’m painting and creating. It was literally a blank canvas, something that was never there before and I turned it into something great. To feel that is a major confidence boost, it’s a major strength, and power that comes from that." - Aramis O. Hamer


The Process....

“I just paint. I feel like everytime I paint I learn something new or I find some new technique. It’ll just be like those random moments where I stumble across something and those moments really only happen when I’m in it. So I have to be in there getting my hands dirty creating something." - Aramis O. Hamer

"In the beggining when I was still learning about paint and trying to figure it out, I would have this idea in my mind that I could ruin it but now it's just impossible for me to ruin a piece. I feel like whenever I do make a mistake it actually is turning into something better and works for the piece. - Aramis O. Hamer


Remaining a student...

"I'm going to have these little difficult challenegs. What's exciting is figuring it out. I feel like painting is this problem solving exploration where I'm just trying to make it work. It's a constant evolution." - Aramis O. Hamer

Visit www.aohamer.com to see more work by Aramis.

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