The Art Alchemist

I have an appreciation for muralists. I think the amount of time and effort they put into their work is trully amazing. I really wanted to know what the process is like so I thought it'd be a great to speak to Newark, New Jersey artist, Elijah Minton aka The Art Alchemist.

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....Getting Started....

“I’ve always had an interest in street art and graffiti since I was little. That was my thing. Last summer I just decided to go for it because I had been painting already. I started painting walls for free at first and that developed into what it is now.” - Elijah Minton

Community...His work is really bringing people together, which I think is dope.

“With a mural, you really get to understand the community because everyone talks to you. People connect with the artwork and you can see that they really apreciate it. It's an uplifting kind of thing, for me and for the people.” - Elijah Minton


Everything great and big started out small, little by little, and that's proven by the way The Art Alchemist explained his work to me.

“Many times I do a sketch beforehand, there's a lot of planning as far as colors. It’s a little intimidating in the beginning. Usually there are a couple of mistakes that I can catch throughout the process, once I get everything laid out and I can see it on the wall then it becomes easier because I’m fine at that point.” - Elijah Minton


I really enjoyed hearing what Elijah had to say. I love getting the chance to understand the creative mind behind the work. I respect the work that he does all over the New Jersey and New York area and I'm looking forward to seeing Elijah's artistry continue to grow. 

...I'm De La True,


Visit to see more work by The Art Alchemist.